Model: DYCZ – 40A


■   It has the cooling device;

■   Double plates that can cast two gels at one time;

■   The tank body is made of the high transparent, insulative synthetic glass, and no leakage.

■  Electrodes are made by pure platinum ( the purity quotient of the noble metal≥99.95%)which have the features of corrosion resistance of electroanalysis and withstand high temperature.


■ Gel plate dimension (L X W): 180 × 165 (mm);

■  Buffer volume: about 4500 ml;

■  Size (L X W X H):250×205×255 (mm);

■   Weight: about 3 kg.


It is used for WesternBlot experiments in which the protein molecule can fast transfer from the gel to membrane like Nitrocellulose membrane ( cat.# No.: 241-0005,      size : 150 x 150mm), and suitable for teaching and scientific research.

Suitable Electrophoresis Power Supply