Model: DYCP – 37B (Cat. No.: 122-3720)


■  You may adopt the wet method or semi-dry method in the electrophoresis experiment;

■   It has the cooling device of aluminium alloy that can eliminate heat evenly;

■   It has the leveling feet to keep the cell horizontally;

■   This model outfits the special bottle for pouring the liquid which makes the gel casting easily;

■   Both upper lid and  cooling plate are all have the accurate scaleplate;

■   PH gradient value keep steadily, and the focusing result is good;

■   The tank body is made of the high transparent, insulative synthetic glass, and no leakage.

■  Electrodes are made by pure platinum ( the purity quotient of the noble metal≥99.95%)which have the features of corrosion resistance of electroanalysis and withstand high temperature.


■ Agarose gel plate dimension (L X W): 200 × 240 (mm);

■  Isoelectric focusing gel plate dimension (L X W): 140 x 190 mm, 60 x 190 mm;

■ Thickness: 0.4 (mm) and 1.0 (mm);

■  Buffer volume: about 750ml;

■  Size (L X W X H): 305×290×100 (mm);

■   Weight: about 3.5 kg.


It is used for Iso-electric Focusing (IEF) electrophoresis, and all horizontal electrophoresis experiments, it is simple and easy to use, and suitable for teaching and scientific research.

Suitable Electrophoresis Power Supply

DYY-10C( cat.#: 113-1030),DYY-12(cat.#: 113-1200),DYY-12C(cat.#: 113-1230)