Model: DYCZ – 40D

■  Made from high quality acrylic with platinum electrodes;

■  Latches on the gel holder cassette for easy handling;

■  Fast transferring speed and good transferringeffect;

■  A seamless, injection-molded transparent buffer tank prevents leakage and breakage;

■  Allows easy orientation for rapid, error free set-up;

■  An efficient design simplifies insertion and removal of the gel holder cassette from supporting body for transfer ( electrode assembly)

■  Compatible with the lid and the buffer tank of DYCZ-24DN;


Dimension (LxWxH) 140×100×150mm
Blotting Area (LxW) 87×95mm
Continuous Working Time ≥24 hours
Buffer Volume 400ml
Weight 1.0kg


For transferring the protein molecule from the gel to membrane like Nitrocellulose membrane in the Western Blot experiment.

Suitable Electrophoresis Power Supply

DYY – 7C, DYY – 10C,DYY – 12C ,DYY – 12.

You can also only select the transfering core of DYCZ – 40D if you have already bought DYCZ – 24D or DYCZ – 24DN because the external tanks and the lids of these two models are the same.