Model: DYCZ – 27B (Cat. No.: 121 – 2720) 


DYCZ – 27B tube gel electrophoresis system is used together with electrophoresis power supply, it is suitable for performing the first phase of 2-D electrophoresis (Isoelectric Focusing – IEF), allowing 12 tube gels to be run at any one time. 70 mm high middle ring of the electrophoresis cell and the gels differ in the length of the tubes, which are 90 mm or 170 mm long, allow a high degree of versatility in separation desired. DYCZ – 27B tube gel electrophoresis system is easy to assemble and use.

■  Electrodes are made by pure platinum ( the purity quotient of the noble metal≥99.95%)which have the features of corrosion resistance of electroanalysis and withstand high temperature.


■  It can cast two different sizes gel. Their real area are φ5mm X 90mm and φ5mm X 170mm

■ Buffer volume: About 1,000 ml;

■ Weight: About 2 kg

■ Unit dimensions (L X W X H): 170 X 170 X 220 (mm)


Main tank body  X  1 Unit

Glass tube: φ= 5 (mm) and L= 90 (mm) X 12 Pieces

Glass tube: φ= 5 (mm) and L= 170 (mm) X 12 Pieces

Rubber plug with hole (Green) X 12 Pieces

Rubber cap X 12 Pieces

JMS syringe (5ml) X 1 Piece

Rubber stopple X 30 Pieces

Lead X 1 pair


Option parts: Tube: φ= 1 (mm) and φ= 2 (mm)

Suitable Electrophoresis Power Supply

DYY-4C( cat.#: 112-0430),DYY-10C(cat.#: 113-1030),DYY-11(cat.#: 113-1100),DYY-12C(cat.#:113-1230) or DYY-12(cat.#: 113-1200)