Model: DYCP – 40E

■  Special design and select material;

■  Easy and simple for the end user to use;

■  Minimum buffer solution, with no need for mess and additional accessories;

■  Fast transferring speed and good transferring effect;

■  Safe plug technique, all the exposed parts are insulated;

■  The transferring bands are very clear;


■ Transferring dimensions: 200 x 200 (mm);

■ Max. input voltage: 600V; Max. Current: 200mA;

■ Continuous working time: ≥24 hours;

■ Size (L X W X H): 270 × 250 × 104 (mm);

■ Weight: about 5 kg


For fast transferring the protein molecule from the gel to membrane like Nitrocellulose membrane

Suitable Electrophoresis Power Supply
DYY – 7C